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#022 – Trip Planning for the New Year!

#022 – Trip Planning for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

For the past couple of months, we’ve been planning our next big trips. We have a lot of new things that we are doing with our business and we want to make sure we are prepared and have systems in place where we can truly enjoy our travel time. We hope you enjoy this podcast as we share our plans.


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#019 – Brrrr! Spending Winters in an RV

#019 – Brrrr! Spending Winters in an RV

We’ve been living in our RV for many winters now. With the first day of winter coming soon, we’ve been reminiscing about our winter fun we’ve had so far living in our RV during the coldest part of the year.

Most people travel to mild climates when they are in their RV. In an ideal world, normal people follow the weather patterns to stay away from the extreme cold. Not us! Maybe we just can’t be normal. 

Whether it is for work or to have a tad of adventure, sometimes RV living has to happen in the dead of winter. RVs aren’t really known for being well insulated. So, winter living in our RV isn’t without its challenges. 

We hope you enjoy the episode. Maybe there’s something you can learn from our experience or, maybe our experiences will make you chuckle.

We’d love to hear your winter RVing adventures. Email us at podcast@beentheredoingthat.com.

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Referenced in podcast:

The links to the tote tanks are similar styles of what we’ve used, but ours were different capacities. 

#015 – Celebrating 6 Years

#015 – Celebrating 6 Years

October came and went and we just realized we missed our anniversary. Not our wedding anniversary, but our nomadaversary. October 1, 2011 was our first official day of becoming full-time RVers. We left living in a house and opted to have our residence on wheels. 

The way we like to travel is different from six years ago, but we still love coming home to our RV. In today’s episode, we reminisce about our journey so far. 



Questions we answer:

  • What have we learned?
  • What is our favorite trip so far?
  • What was our most memorable moment?
  • Do we have regrets?
  • What is the best part of our lifestyle?
  • What are the challenges?

We hope you enjoy the episode. We invite you to follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to in the moment.

#012 – Oh Deer! Trip back home from Overland Expo

#012 – Oh Deer! Trip back home from Overland Expo

Our main lesson we learned from our trip East this year was that two weeks was entirely too fast. It’s not about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey. Even though we felt the pressure of meeting the deadline to get back to our home base, we made sure to take some time off work and concentrated on sightseeing. 



In this episode, we talk about our travels from the Biltmore Estate after Overland Expo East 2017 back to Springfield, MO.

It’s not an adventure unless there are a few challenges. 


Episode Highlights

  • Long meandering drive leaving the Biltmore Estate
  • First day, only drove 30 miles
  • Rested and worked a bit at Asheville East KOA
  • Began our journey on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Great slow speed. Parkway speed limit is only 45 mpg
  • Plenty of pull-offs for scenic overlooks
  • First drive since installing the crafted heat shield and replacing the #3 injector on the Jeep at Overland Expo
  • Linville Falls campground was amazing…peaceful and beautiful
  • Mt Mitchell, North Carolina – the highest point east of the Mississippi
  • Meandered our way toward Virginia on back roads
  • Stayed at Grayson Highlands State Park and enjoyed the wild ponies
  • Hiked to the highest point in Virginia, Mt. Rogers
  • Hike was 9+ miles with some of it on the Appalachian Trail
  • Procrastinating on returning, decided to stay at Cumberland Gap 
  • Had wonderful internet, so we stayed an extra day to catch up on some work 
  • Downside, clouds had rolled in and we had terrible solar
  • Headed home and pushed ourselves and drove 700+ miles in one day, 55 mph 

Oh deer! Then it happened at 12:05 a.m. just 150 miles from home.

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#011 – What We Did at Overland Expo East

#011 – What We Did at Overland Expo East

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve returned from Overland Expo East and we realized that the trip was entirely too short. Sure the event was only a weekend, but we certainly like to take our time making our way to the event and coming home should be just as slow. 

We had a wonderful time in Asheville, NC. The weather couldn’t have been better for the event. In this episode, we talk about our weekend at Overland Expo.



Episode Highlights:

We got a few cool things from the vendors.

Just a few pics of our weekend 

Recording Episode 9!


Driving course!


Great Classes!


Loved all the vendors!


Dinner and Drinks


Biltmore Estate

One of the many, many flower photos taken in the garden.


Had to get a shot of the Jeep in front of the house before we left.



Open up the hood and conversations are inevitable.


Dean Shirley with Eastcoast Overland Adventures


Can’t leave those boys alone for two minutes!


The BEST meal of the weekend!


The morning we were leaving. A beautiful and foggy morning.


Hike up Mt Rogers, Virginia

Hike up Mt Rogers, Virginia

Our hike up to the summit of Mt. Rogers, the highest point of Virginia, was one of our high points of our trip (no pun intended, well maybe a pun was intended).

We tracked our trail on the way up using Gaia GPS for the first time. Loving the app! 

We didn’t have any Internet connection in the campground, so we decided to take the day off work. We planned the whole day for the 9-mile round trip hike. We took our time up the mountain enjoying the scenery.

Part of our hike was on the Appalachian Trail. Some parts were a bit gnarly with getting over some big boulders. We were told by the young man who was working the park’s gift shop that when we were close to the summit, it would smell like Christmas. He wasn’t kidding. It was like walking into a different world.

The day was amazing!


#010 – Stuck and 50 Miles from the Nearest Town

#010 – Stuck and 50 Miles from the Nearest Town

We are doing something different for this episode. When we were at Overland Expo East a couple of weeks ago, we met James Henry. We were campground neighbors and fellow volunteers for the event. He and his wife, Amanda, went on the Transamerica Trail last year. We thought we’d share some of our conversations we had with James.



Episode Highlights:

  • James Henry computer animator and Army Veteran from New Jersey
  • Website: jamescg.net
  • Was in the Army for 7 years
  • Became interested in overlanding because was basically doing it as an Army scout
  • Began planning trip three months before getting out of the Army
  • Bought 2002 Land Rover Discovery and modified it for trip
  • Purchased the maps from Sam Correro at transamtrail.com
  • Took two months to complete
  • Favorite parts were passes in Colorado and Moab
  • Impressed with Gaia GPS app for IOS and Android
  • Thought they were in real trouble
    • Power steering pump blew with fluid fiasco and the trip hadn’t even really began 
    • Death Canyon, UT – stuck in salt flats, storm a brewing, no cell service, 50 miles from the nearest town
    • An unexpected float trip in Idaho

Thanks James for a great interview. We really enjoyed getting to know you a bit. May our paths cross again.


#009 – We Made It! | Getting to Overland Expo East

#009 – We Made It! | Getting to Overland Expo East

It’s not an adventure unless something goes wrong, right? Well, we wouldn’t say things went too wrong, but the fear of a tire flying off did put a spark of excitement into our trip.

Have a listen to our little adventure we had getting from Missouri to North Carolina to attend Overland Expo East. We were so excited to be volunteering at this year’s event. Glad the Jeep got us there. 


Episode Highlights:

  • Only seven-tenths of a mile on Interstate, just because we couldn’t avoid it
  • Discovered lug nut was missing from front passenger wheel
  • A tiny bit of panic during a parking lot repair
  • Got our exercise walking to get parts
  • Jeep’s vapor locking issue seemed to be getting worse
  • Had to stop several times to give the Jeep a break from vapor locking
  • Stopped at several auto parts stores along the way
  • Camping was fantastic at Meriwether Lewis National Monument & Henry Horton State Park
  • A little later than we planned, but we made it to Overland Expo East
#008 – Reminiscing Overland Expo West 2016

#008 – Reminiscing Overland Expo West 2016

As this episode publishes, we are on our way to Asheville, NC to volunteer at Overland Expo East. We recorded this episode when we were preparing for our trip and reflect on our first Overland Expo experience in May 2016.


Episode Highlights:

  • First experience with Overland Expo at Morman Lake, AZ (Check out the link because we’re in their recap slideshow, at least our vehicle is. See if you can pick us out.)
  • Overland Expo is an event gathering of like-minded individuals who live and travel out of their vehicle, usually 4-wheel drive or motorcycle
  • Not an RV event
  • Learn more about the event by going to OverlandExpo.com
  • Huge event, 8-10,000 people!
  • Camped in a field with many other vehicles with roof-top tents
    • Neighbors
    • Got a lot of ideas from those around us on their set-up
  • WINDY event — never experienced that much wind at an event and camping
    • Bloverland became the event’s nickname
    • Anex room saved the tent
    • Only damage was small hole in mesh door of annex room
  • Event had huge vendor section
  • Classes available for all kinds of interests
    • Tactical Driving courses
    • Check out our recap blog post
    • Classes we sat in on:
      • Adventure Capital: Creating a lifetime travel fund with investment real estate & retirement planning, Johnathan Ehly & Carla King
      • 10 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your Social Media, Aliza Sherman
      • Taking and Managing Your Photographs, Mike Endres
      • Knots and Hitches for Securing Gear to Roof-Racks & Trailers, Rusty Rice
      • Basics of Visual Storytelling, Dean Shirley
      • Wayfinding With Map and Compass, Charly Aurelia
      • On-Trail Communications: Getting beyond the CB radio, Bob McNamara
      • Less is More: What do you really “need” to bring on an adventure? Walt Wagner
      • Sponsorship: The ins and outs of finding funds for your adventure, Sam Manicom
      • Weather and Climate Knowledge for Expeditions, Michael Douglas
      • HAM Radio Equipment and Use Workshop, Scott Martin, Coconino Amateur Radio Club
  • Met some great people who we follow on YouTube
  • Toured Overland Expedition Vehicles
We had a fantastic time out West and will be going back for sure. Now…we are headed East for our overland adventure!
#007 – Preparing for Travels East

#007 – Preparing for Travels East

The time seems to have snuck up on us. We have been planning to go to Overland Expo East for months and the time to leave is upon us and it seems like we are behind in our preparation. 

In this episode, we share what modifications and prep work on the Jeep we’ve done so far and the big project left to do before we hit the road.


Episode Highlights:

  • Why we rotated the tent on the Jeep.
  • Jeep seems to have a vapor lock issue.
  • Installed extra storage.
  • A couple of important pumps replaced.
  • Find out what shocking project Robert must spring into action for.



You are always welcome to email questions or comments to podcast@beentheredoingthat.com.