Life is too short…

Do what you love,

be with people who make you happy,

live simply, try new things, and SMILE!


That’s our motto.  We are Robert and Gayla Scrivener. Some folks think our lifestyle is crazy, while others think we are the luckiest people on earth.

October 1, 2011 was our first official day of becoming full-time RVers.  It was so liberating to sell most of our possessions and move into our 389 sq ft 2003 Alfa SeeYa.  At the time, our careers were changing and it was the perfect time in our lives to set out on our adventure.

We modified furnishings in our coach to make a perfect home office for the two of us.  We obviously aren’t retired, so we have to make a living somehow.  We pour all our time in photography, music, and our business Scrivener Solutions, a virtual assistant company where we specialize in content marketing for our clients, which includes direct mail newsletters, e-newsletters, social media, and blog posts.

At first, we traveled quite a bit in our big Alfa, from Colorado to Florida, up the East Coast, then settled back in our home state of Missouri. Although we love traveling, we decided to park the Alfa for awhile and concentrate on growing our business. We aren’t ready to live in a traditional house because we like living small. You see…the more space you have…the more stuff you have. We don’t want too much stuff, well at least for now.

Our itch for travel just won’t go away, but we want to be able to travel in places the big beast of an Alfa cannot go. Our sights turned to a rooftop tent. In September 2015, our CVT was delivered! We were ready for our maiden voyage to the Smoky Mountains that October.

Downsizing when we travel has been perfect for us! It is so much easier to take off in our Subaru and have our sleeping quarters right with us. We have designed our business where we can work from anywhere.

We post things on Facebook, Instagram, and our Blog of all the things we are doing and things we see.  It seems like we are playing all the time, but it seems we work more now than we ever did…the difference…WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!  We take advantage of every moment, enjoy the here and now and keep things simple.

We love being in business for ourselves and are excited to be growing our company as well as our experiences.  Join us whether you are thinking about full-timing or overlanding,  love to travel, or simply want to follow our blog.  We hope to hear from you to learn about your thoughts and experiences.

–Robert & Gayla ScrivenerOur Home -- 2003 Alfa SeeYa



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