#010 – Stuck and 50 Miles from the Nearest Town

#010 – Stuck and 50 Miles from the Nearest Town

We are doing something different for this episode. When we were at Overland Expo East a couple of weeks ago, we met James Henry. We were campground neighbors and fellow volunteers for the event. He and his wife, Amanda, went on the Transamerica Trail last year. We thought we’d share some of our conversations we had with James.



Episode Highlights:

  • James Henry computer animator and Army Veteran from New Jersey
  • Website: jamescg.net
  • Was in the Army for 7 years
  • Became interested in overlanding because was basically doing it as an Army scout
  • Began planning trip three months before getting out of the Army
  • Bought 2002 Land Rover Discovery and modified it for trip
  • Purchased the maps from Sam Correro at transamtrail.com
  • Took two months to complete
  • Favorite parts were passes in Colorado and Moab
  • Impressed with Gaia GPS app for IOS and Android
  • Thought they were in real trouble
    • Power steering pump blew with fluid fiasco and the trip hadn’t even really began 
    • Death Canyon, UT – stuck in salt flats, storm a brewing, no cell service, 50 miles from the nearest town
    • An unexpected float trip in Idaho

Thanks James for a great interview. We really enjoyed getting to know you a bit. May our paths cross again.


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