#026 – Recalling Our Trip to See the Arabia

#026 – Recalling Our Trip to See the Arabia



It’s been a pretty ordinary week with just the normal work routine. Robert is preparing the Jeep for our trip out West. He has it all torn apart. 

In this lull of travel, we’ve been thinking about some of the cool places we’ve been. Almost two years ago, we went to Kansas City on our anniversary. On the recommendation of my parents, we visited the Arabia Steamboat Museum. To say that we were impressed is an understatement. Below is our Spark page slideshow of just a few of the photos we took. 

In this week’s podcast, we give you an update on our Jeep maintenance project and tell you all about the Arabia. Oh, and by the way, Robert may or may not have gotten a little carried away with sound effects. He is having too much fun editing, that’s for sure.

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