#011 – What We Did at Overland Expo East

#011 – What We Did at Overland Expo East

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve returned from Overland Expo East and we realized that the trip was entirely too short. Sure the event was only a weekend, but we certainly like to take our time making our way to the event and coming home should be just as slow. 

We had a wonderful time in Asheville, NC. The weather couldn’t have been better for the event. In this episode, we talk about our weekend at Overland Expo.



Episode Highlights:

We got a few cool things from the vendors.

Just a few pics of our weekend 

Recording Episode 9!


Driving course!


Great Classes!


Loved all the vendors!


Dinner and Drinks


Biltmore Estate

One of the many, many flower photos taken in the garden.


Had to get a shot of the Jeep in front of the house before we left.



Open up the hood and conversations are inevitable.


Dean Shirley with Eastcoast Overland Adventures


Can’t leave those boys alone for two minutes!


The BEST meal of the weekend!


The morning we were leaving. A beautiful and foggy morning.


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