#018 – Civil War, Parades & Fire…What a Day!

#018 – Civil War, Parades & Fire…What a Day!

What a beautiful December weekend. With the temps in the 70s, we had to get out and about. Our destination was the Battle of Pea Ridge Reenactment but we ended up doing and seeing much more!

We recorded some of the battle. Robert may or may not have gotten carried away with the sound effects.

Since we did our recording in a park, I got distracted while recording with a beautiful site. 

We hope you enjoy the episode. We certainly had fun with this one, both recording and working it up.



Photo Gallery

Battle of Pea Ridge Reenactment

We mention in the episode that this is a fairly new event. We couldn’t find from the website how long it has been going on. However, my understanding from someone we talked to this event’s location alternates each year from Pea Ridge to Prairie Grove.

Roaring River State Park

A quick stop and walk through memory lane for me at Roaring River State Park.

Cassville, MO Christmas Parade

On our way to Pea Ridge, we were held up a bit with the Christmas parade in Washburn, MO. Our vantage point was a little too far to take any good photos. Then, we ended our day with another Christmas parade in Cassville. There was some excitement with fire during the parade. 

We would love to hear if you’ve been to any of these places and events. Feel free to email us at: podcast@beentheredoingthat.com


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