#017 – She’s Trying to Kill Me!

#017 – She’s Trying to Kill Me!


This weekend was a four-day holiday and should have been relaxing. But, nooooo!

For at least six months, Gayla had “clean out shed” on the calendar. There was no avoiding the job. It’s on the calendar and the weather was perfect (darn it!)

Not only did we need to clean out the shed, but we also needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather to get other things done as well. The projects we tackled were:

  • Shed
    • Clean & Organize
    • Lift & Place on Blocks
  • Wash RV
  • Processing deer hides for tanning
  • Build frame for stretching hides

None of the projects were quick and easy. Every muscle in our bodies is feeling the month’s worth of work crammed into four days!

We hope you enjoy the episode. Maybe you’ll chuckle a bit. 


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